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Introduction of KCCS​ 


KCCS is an affiliated educational organization of KSKCS (Korean Society of Korean Cosmetic Surgery and med-

icine), which has been established for educating Korean cosmetic surgery and medicine systematically.

We have been organizind domestic and international conferences and workshops since our society's establi-

shment in 2006. After 5 years of preparation, we are currently providing 4 kinds of educational programs 

such as Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship Course Cosmetic Dermatologic Fellowship Course, Advance 

Expert Course, and Special Expert Course.

Currently, KCCS has over 30 teaching fellows and over 500 life members. KCCS is planning to realize the deve-

lopment of Asian Cosmetic Surgery and buid co-evolving and sustainable educational system through active 

and efficient communication with societies of cosmetic surgery from all over the world.

The Mission Statement of the KCCS​ 


Nowadays cosmetic surgery and medicine doesn't confine itself to a partial field of specific specialty. It has 

pulled together all kinds of medical fields related to consequential aesthetic pursuit and has built its own area. 

It's high time to develop cosmetic surgery and medicine into an independent specialty with its own rights.

Recent cosmetic surgery not only fulfills aesthetic demands of appearance but also restores and keeps phy-

sical and mental functions. Furthermore, it has been developed into the study for anti-aging. 

Accordingly, this reality suggests that cosmetic surgery and medicine has been redepartmentalized 

in the overall area and the specialty has been deepened further by specilizing each field.

Cosmetic surgery has been forming an independent area as a special field of medicine. Many cosmetic 

surgeons are putting in a great deal of effort ot secure the specialty of the departmentalized fields. 

Besides, a variety of procedures and surgical approaches based on scientific grounds have been developed 

by them and the validity verification is ongoing to seek better perfection and satisfaction. And they 

are undergoing clinical trials and reserarch.

To meet the demands of the times, cosmetic surgery and medicine should be developed into and independ-

ent field with expertise. First of all, we need well-organized educational system to establish the its foundation. 

The fields and pastures for systematic training and various educational opportunities are essential conditions 

for acquiring new knowledge and skills.

An institute performing these objects is needed until cosmetic surgery and medicine is recognized as an 

independent specialty accordingly. Therefore, we declare the establishment of the KCCS with a sense of historic

duty as a medium of professional and systematic education until cosmetic surgery and medicine is clearly 

set up.


                    Founder of KSKCS and KCCS Kyoung-Jin (Safi) Kang M.D., Ph.D.



The mission of the KCCS is to foster, promote, support, augment, develop and encourage the science, art and practice of cosmetic surgery.

In order to achieve this goal, the doctors trying to practice cosmetic surgery should be trained with proper learning programs based on systematic knowledge and accumulated experience. It will raise the cosmetic surgical standards and protect patients. As a result, they will be able to get happiness and satisfaction from the surgery.



Starting a career in Korean cosmetic Surgery and medicine

Whether you are a medical student, a specialist or a general practitioner, if you are to practice cosmetic surgery, first of all, you have to decide if you have an eye for beauty for yourself, and then try your best to acquire surgical procedure for attaining ideal beauty patients want.

Particularly cosmetic surgical procedure is closely connected with a variety of fields of specialization such as ophthalmology, otolaryngology, dermatology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, plastic reconstructive surgery, ob/gyn and general surgery. That is the reason  you should acquire knowledge and skills through a special training course. The reality is ,however, significant numbers of cosmetic surgeons are performing surgical procedures based on the skills picked up from experienced friends and acquaintances on an apprenticeship basis.

No one can deny the fact that well-organized training program based on the most up-to-date information and vast experience is far superior to this type of personal learning not merely in the efficiency of the education itself, the reliability of surgical procedure and improvement of skills but also in the securement of evidential matters for proper training. To carry out the mission, it is the formal residency program that is absolutely needed. The same is true of cosmetic medicine.

Though they have the residency programs that teach this field in US and Australia now, thoses course are based on Caucasian cosmetic surgery. We all know that Such approach is very different from Asian's. Thus the existence of specialized training institute is essential. So far, however, there has been no this kind of formal residency program in almost all asian countries including Korea.

Fortunately, the regular residency program for Asian cosmetic surgery conducted by the KCCS will offer great opportunities to many doctors who are trying to learn Asian cosmetic surgery

Being a member of the KCCS is the best way of judging your prospects of success in the field of cosmetic surgery as a novice and showing your potential to work as a leader of this field.

The KCCS holds residency educational programs, diploma & master courses, a wide range of live work shops, hands-on courses, annual symposium and latest paper presentations and so on. Furthermore, through these educational programs and required tests, members can be granted qualification for fellowship and specialty. The KCCS is also imparting continuous educational programs so that the membership will remain effective.

Those interested in the systematic training of Korean and Asian cosmetic surgery and medicine should email or call the number below. You will get necessary information.


Email : koreakccs@pascal-world.com

Tel : +82-2-2135-7706, +82-10-2265-6686



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