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KCCS Meeting Policy between teaching fellow and attendee(Registrant)

1. Teaching fellow (as a Mentor: Professor or instructor)obligation to attendee(registrant)

1) Maintenance of minimum number of surgery procedure for education in training course.
(a) Teaching fellow has to perform over two primary surgeries in a day which takes about an hour up to two hour as an educational training course.
(b) In case that a surgery which takes over 5 hours to perform, it will be regarded as two educational surgery.
(c) A teaching fellow has to perform 2 procedures a day (The ratio between manor and minor surgery should be 60% and 40% respectively during each period)in diploma and regular training course.

2) Obligation of providing the information
(a) A teaching fellow has to provide the information about patientname, initials in English, ID number, chart number, gender, age and type of surgery to record the attendee's log book. However, a faculty should provide the picture of patient by considering the patient's privacy will not be violated by adjusting the size and resolution of the picture.

3) Obligation of signature
(a) In case that Attendee should submit verification of training course to government-related organization since attendee makes mistakes in surgery procedure (medical accident) or induced legal trouble, a teaching fellow has to sign to documentary the evidence regarding training.

4) Obligation of supply
(a) A teaching fellow has to supply medical equipments, surgical gowns, lunch and desk and chair for training.

5) Obligation of acceptance as an examiner
(a) A teaching fellow has to consent to be a supervisor when attendee takes DIYS test.

6) Obligation of notification to delay the training course.
When a teaching fellow judges that there is a problem with the progression of normal surgery education due to problem(s) with hospital & clinic or patients, a teaching fellow has to postpone the schedule or specify the date by adding within the same month and should notify it to the registrant at least one week (to domestic member) or two weeks (to International member) before.

7) In case that the education of teaching fellow is deficient.
(a) In the event that disruption to education occurred due to the problem related to the hospital & clinic or patient, teaching fellow should conduct video education considering the amount of time and appropriate education.
However, the education of major surgery should be essentially conducted at least once a day.
(b) If adequate education (number of operation & time) is not carried out in the planned period, the faculty would be disadvantaged in being provided tuition fee and rehiring.
(c) If adequate education is not carried out, the registrant has an obligation to notify this fact to KCCS and receive additional training.

8) Further information would be added by the board of directors, if necessary.

2. The right of teaching fellow to the registrant

1) Education veto
If registrant is determined as a not qualified trainee in the diploma training course, teaching fellow is able to exercise a veto of the education by submitting the individual findings to the audit committee.
¥¡. As soon as the teaching fellowindividual findings are submitted to the Audit committee, registrant's education should be interrupted. At that time, Registrant is only able to ask a request for once.
Notification of appeal on the date of receipt of the petition papers shall be performed within one week. Result regarding request should be informed within a week from the date requested document is submitted.
¥¢. Once the education veto is confirmed, the registrant has to take additional courses in the minutes of that period from other professors.
Paid registration fee is not refundable, when the registrant is eliminated from the training course.
¥£. The registrant who is forced to be effected by education veto from three or more professors would be dropped out in the course of the year and should restart from the following year.
(b) In case that Qualification of registrant confirms to the detailed article 4.167 1-(a) of the KCCS, teaching fellow can make an exclusion order to declare the interruption of education for the registrant’s personal data related.
At this time, teaching fellow should submit individual findings to the Audit committee and comply with the final decision of the board of directors.
(c) The audit committee deliberates matters about (a), (b) and has to notify the result to the professor and registrant within one week.

3. Mutual courtesy between teaching fellow and registrant

3-1. Courtesy of Professor
1) Behavior of professor
(a) Even though professor doesn’t have a responsibility of character education to registrant,
It is recommended that professor educates basic personality education to fellows as a cosmetic surgeon.
(b) According to (a), professor has to behave to respect the registration’s personality.

2) Be honest with the time and contents of education
(a)Faculty should conduct faithfully to the educational content and to comply with the basic etiquette of educational time as an educator.
(b)Faculty has to do his best to prepare patient during educational period of diploma course.

3) Notice of the educational content in advance
(a) It is advised that a faculty notices about the paper related to education, information of patient who will be performed cosmetic procedure and name of surgery at least 3 days before to a registrant.


3-2. Courtesy of the registrant.
1) Behavior of registrant
(a) It is not allowed that a registrant argues with private evaluation concerning with related professor including other colleagues.
(b) The registrant should not disclose the ordinary or unique contents related to faculty’s clinic or hospital.
(c) Even though a registrant considers that education is not conducted sincerely, the registrant should not complain directly to the faculty or anyone.
Regarding this matter, the registrant should ask for improvements to the audit committee in written.
(d) There is strictly no photography or audio or visual taping allowed in operation room for portrait rights of patient.
(e) A registrant should get along with a faculty’s clinic staff.
(f) The dishonest behavior about (a),(b),(c) and (d) above is subject to investigation of commission of inquiry.
(g) In case that participant conflict with patient caused by violation of clause (d), Participant entirely has a responsibility of either civil liability or criminal liability.

2) Obligation of punctuality and completing the surgery recording paper.
(a) Education time should be complied with Opening time and Closing time of educational clinic.
(b) Even though education time is based on clause (a), Ending pronouncement of faculty is more effective.
(c) Excepting a critical condition of illness of registrant’s family or patient and death emergencies, The registrant can not change the educational schedule and temporary interruption is not allowed.
(d) A registrant has to record and submit operation record, which is provided by KCCS, with faculty’s signature to KCCS when the course is completed.

3) Obligation of obeying faculty’s instruction
(a) A registrant should comply with personality education of faculty.
(b) A registrant should follow whole instructions of faculty related to medical treatment and medicine within educational period.
(c) A registrant should follow educational clinic general regulations within educational period.
(d) Smoking and drinking are prohibited during clinicworking hours.


4) Confirmation the registrant’s educational content and schedule changes.
(a)Select the education time tips
According to the characteristics of Korean cosmetic surgery,
Usually there are lots of patient related to facial cosmetic surgery during December to February, Body cosmetic surgery during April to June and Skin laser during October to February.
Therefore, it is strongly recommended to choose the course within this period above.
In low season of cosmetic surgery in Korea (refer to clause 3-2, 4), (a) ), a participant can take 6 days course into 3 days separately.

(b) As for Discussion about changing the registrant’s education schedule
¥¡. In case that parents (including parents of spouse) dies, the death of brothers and sisters of wife (or husband) and children to death, a registrant can discuss with faculty to change the education schedule.
¥¢. A registrant should immediately inform the schedule changes due to the (¥¡) matters above to KCCS office.


4. In case that the faculty agrees and KCCS should change the education contents unavoidably, A participant can change or take additional education corresponding to a week in case the faculty agree.

However, attendee should take exam related to whole process of diploma course.

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