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Logo and its definition


"Symbolic logo, school song, and slogan of the college shall be established based on the definition of articles of incorporation."



(a) The blue colour that appears on the top derives from the shape of the Korean traditional hat of civil officials during Joseon Dynasty; for which had been commonly put on by those who passed the state examination in the past and a groom during a wedding ceremony in the recent. The meaning of this symbol represents that the members of KCCS become eligible to be specialists in Korean cosmetic surgeons as fellows by fulfilling KCCS course. 

(b) A red and blue circle shaped by stripes in the middle is originated from the Korean national flag "Taegukgi". The space in the red and blue circle shapes the initials "CS" of "Cosmetic Surgery"; holding three meanings with three symbols; the red colour representing the exceptional nobility of KCCS, the blue colour as great hope of Korean cosmetic surgeons, and the stripes meaning a unified dynamic of members in order to implement the symbolism.

(c) "Korean College of Cosmetic Surgery" displayed in the lowest part that is a semi-rounded shape symbolizes that KCCS stands upon the center of Korean cosmetic medicine which has established the foundation of Asian cosmetic medicine, symbolized with Taegukgi.

(d) Overall shape of the logo is the shape of a human face wearing the Korean traditional hat, meaning the duty of a cosmetic surgeon to respect human rights and the social obligation of the college to dedicate the growth of Korean cosmetic medicine through the professional education as well as protecting patients. 

(e) This logo has been created by the founder "Dr. Kyoung-Jin(Safi) Kang".


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